While the Children are Away…..

Danville, VA Post Office

…Mom takes a road trip (or two!).

I love getting away from my computer to research genealogy! While I love researching with my computer, it’s nice to get away and talk to real people.

Last week I headed up to Danville, VA. In the Danville public library the Virginia-North Carolina […]

The Boys of Halifax County

Boys of Halifax Page 1

One of the advantages of an office re-organization is one finds things. Things that get put away and not thought about in a while.

I came across this scrapbook with The Boy of Halifax County in Service handwritten inside of the front cover.

Inside are pages of […]

Farming in Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia Farmers

My southern Virginian ancestors were predominantly farmers. (My grandfather Crafton Talbott was the first generation to leave the family farm.) I found this picture of men harvesting hay among a forgotten stack of unknown photographs this week. It is mounted on an piece of 8″ x 10″ thick brown paper stock. The back is […]

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