Anita Carr Talbott

Anita Carr Talbott

Anita Geneva Carr Talbott

10 Mar 1917- 5 Oct 2013

When Family History Falls Into Your Lap

Elma Talbott - ~1923

Sometimes family history just falls into your lap.


Elma Talbott – ~1923

I have been working little by little to scan all my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott’s letters and correspondence. I’m making good progress with this project.

As I was preparing to scan a June 1923 letter from Bossy Talbott to his […]

Answers to “My Ancestor Did That?!”

Here are the answers to the last post My Ancestors Did That?!

How many did you get right?

Great grandfathers:

One was good with numbers. – Silas Baker Carr

One couldn’t hold a job. – Silas Baker Carr

One was a horse trader. – James Abe White

One never left the farm. – Bossy Talbott


Farming in Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia Farmers

My southern Virginian ancestors were predominantly farmers. (My grandfather Crafton Talbott was the first generation to leave the family farm.) I found this picture of men harvesting hay among a forgotten stack of unknown photographs this week. It is mounted on an piece of 8″ x 10″ thick brown paper stock. The back is […]

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