My Ancestor Did That?! The Ladies’ Turn

I had a lot of fun with the recent post My Ancestor Did That?!! . It was a fun way to think about my ancestors’ lives.

Now it’s time for the Ladies’ Turn at My Ancestor Did That?!! The list is shorter this time around. Information about the women in the family tree is harder […]

Common Themes in Letters and Postcards

1912 Postcard

1912 Postcard

Over at my companion blog Dearest Esther, I post the postcards and letters of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. I am attempting to post her correspondence in chronological order. These letters and postcards give a wonderful snapshot of teenage life in the 1910’s.

I have now posted Esther’s correspondence from 1909-1912. […]

Men in Hats

Ukn Two Men in Hat

These photographs came to me in a box originally marked “Richardson”. Unfortunately, none of the photographs are labeled. I do strongly suspect the men are from my Richardson family of Pittsylvania County, VA. There is a certain family “look” I have come to recognize in Richardson family photos. However, there is the distinct possibility they […]

Practicing Penmanship

Penmanship Practice

In my collection of family history papers and letters, envelopes like the one below is not unusual.


Postmarked 31 Jul 1913 and subsequently 1 Aug 1913, the envelope is addressed to Mrs. Daniel T [Hattie] Richardson from F W Townes.

Turning the envelope over I found this on the back:

One of […]

Weight Worries

Ruth Ricketts Letter

I have been reading back through the Richardson family letters I have in my collection. Every time I read these letters, I learn something new. I make a new connection about the relationship between people. I learn what they did for fun. I learn about teenage fashions in the 1910’s.

Mostly I learn that my […]

Farming in Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia Farmers

My southern Virginian ancestors were predominantly farmers. (My grandfather Crafton Talbott was the first generation to leave the family farm.) I found this picture of men harvesting hay among a forgotten stack of unknown photographs this week. It is mounted on an piece of 8″ x 10″ thick brown paper stock. The back is […]

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