Tuesday’s Tip – My Best Transcription Tip

Old letters and postcards in my ancestor’s handwriting are enough to keep this genealogist happy for a long time!

1912 Postcard from Howard Roberts To Esther Richardson

I am progressing well toward my goal of transcribing my great grandmother’s correspondence. There is a lot of it and I admit to feeling a little cross […]

Dearest Esther

From Ryntha

Dearest Esther is the new companion blog to Are You My Cousin? Dearest Esther is dedicated to transcribing, scanning and preserving Esther Richardson Talbott’s postcards and letters. (And there are a lot of them!)

A second blog?

Yes… and here’s why.

I have a large collection of postcards and letters belonging to my great […]

Happy Halloween!

lil witch

Source: The Graphics Fairy

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