Serendipitous Genealogy – Finding Oral History Where You Least Expect It

Don’t you just love it when you stumble across a bit of family history when you are not even looking for it?

Signing onto to do a quick look up, I noticed another researcher had downloaded a photograph of Caswell and Mary Adline Harward – my GGG grandparents from Moore County, NC now Lee […]

A Southern Gentleman’s Birthday


James Lester Howard

Today would have been the 98th birthday of James Lester Howard – my grandfather. The son of Mattie Maddox and Connie Howard the story of his life is rich and long. I have previously written about Granddaddy here, here and here.

But beyond the facts […]

My Ancestor Did That?! The Ladies’ Turn

I had a lot of fun with the recent post My Ancestor Did That?!! . It was a fun way to think about my ancestors’ lives.

Now it’s time for the Ladies’ Turn at My Ancestor Did That?!! The list is shorter this time around. Information about the women in the family tree is harder […]

Answers to “My Ancestor Did That?!”

Here are the answers to the last post My Ancestors Did That?!

How many did you get right?

Great grandfathers:

One was good with numbers. – Silas Baker Carr

One couldn’t hold a job. – Silas Baker Carr

One was a horse trader. – James Abe White

One never left the farm. – Bossy Talbott


What I Learned From a Delayed Birth Certificate

A return address for the Surry County register of deeds on a plain white envelope made my genealogy heart go pitter patter. In that envelope was the delayed birth certificate for my maternal grandmother Cecile Clara White.

I am most fortunate to have grown up knowing my grandmother. I spent many summers with her […]

Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is defined as ‚Äútravelling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past”. Source: Wikipedia

I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit the places many of my ancestors lived and worked. I was surprised by the number of locations I could actually find. […]

Where Did I File That?

I was going to entitle this post “Gathering the Documents”, but this title seems to work so much better(!).

I have started gathering the documents needed to prove my lineage and join the DAR. I need to prove the birth, marriage and death (if applicable) dates for each generation back to James Harward. That shouldn’t […]

Genea-Santa Came Through!

Every year young children write wishful letters to Santa Claus. Sending Santa their wishes in hopes of obtaining their hearts desire – and avoiding a stocking full of coal!

Well, genealogists write letters to Santa Clause, too. Well, Genea-Santa.

I found my Dear Genea-Santa post from December 2009. I made my requests and quite honestly […]

The Fishing Bobber On My Desk

Fishing Bobber

Is it unusual to keep a fishing bobber on one’s office desk?

Well, I suppose it is, but it actually has something to do my family history.

You see, my grandfather Lester Howard loved to fish. He also loved to teach his grandchildren and great grandchildren how to fish. We learned to fish using […]

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