5 Tips For Finding & Contacting “New Cousins”

Tips for Finding and Contacting New Cousins

When I started researching my family history a number of years ago, I expected my research to involve mostly, well…dead people. I quickly discovered the value of oral history and interviewing my living relatives. Every time I talked with a cousin or aunt I heard new names of more distant relatives. Sometimes […]

The Most Powerful Tool in Your Genealogy Toolbox

A cup of coffee is the most powerful tool in your genealogy toolbox.

No, that coffee is NOT to help you stay awake while you read 1820 tax records line by line. Nor is it for those late night research sessions when you were really “just doing a quick look-up”.

Let me […]

Family History Shared

Family History Shared

I’m doing a little re-focusing here at Are You My Cousin?.

Up to this point, AYMC has primarily been about telling MY ancestors’ stories.

l will continue to do that, but….

I want to help you share your ancestors’ stories.

Why? You might ask.

I’ve grown as a genealogist.

I’ve grown as a family […]

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