Mom Takes Another Roadtrip……

…to Halifax, Virginia! (Cue the music…On the road again…)

Halifax County, VA Courthouse

The Halifax County, VA courthouse is perhaps my favorite place to research!

I checked in at the front desk where a very nice worker inquired if I had done research at the courthouse before. When I informed her that I had, […]

While the Children are Away…..

Danville, VA Post Office

…Mom takes a road trip (or two!).

I love getting away from my computer to research genealogy! While I love researching with my computer, it’s nice to get away and talk to real people.

Last week I headed up to Danville, VA. In the Danville public library the Virginia-North Carolina […]

From Unknown to Known

Thanks to an Elliott cousin one of the unknown photographs has been identified. (Thanks, Cynthia!)

Mary Elizabeth “Bettie” Scott


Mary Elizabeth “Bettie” Scott was the daughter of Robert Moore Scott and Susan Watkins Edwards of Clarksville, Virginia. She was born 12 Jan 1834 and died 05 Jan 1912. Mary Elizabeth married Campbell Barnett […]

My Ancestor Did That?! The Ladies’ Turn

I had a lot of fun with the recent post My Ancestor Did That?!! . It was a fun way to think about my ancestors’ lives.

Now it’s time for the Ladies’ Turn at My Ancestor Did That?!! The list is shorter this time around. Information about the women in the family tree is harder […]

Searching For Ancestors in Boydton, VA

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

I do love researching my ancestors in county courthouses. This week I got to spend time in the Mecklenburg County, VA courthouse in Boydton, VA.

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

A beautiful drive up through rural NC and VA led me to the historic town of Boydton, VA. Inside the records room is very modern. […]

The Boys of Halifax County – Part Four

Boys of Halifax 8

Here is the fourth installment of The Boys of Halifax County.

Surnames included are: Barnes, Lacy, Buchanan, Hendricks, Poole, and Garrett.

Surnames in the page below: Sadler, Grimes, Giles, Johnson, Elliott, and Jones. Captain Johnson was listed as “missing” in an earlier page. Thankfully he was released from a German POW camp.

Surnames […]

Farming in Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia Farmers

My southern Virginian ancestors were predominantly farmers. (My grandfather Crafton Talbott was the first generation to leave the family farm.) I found this picture of men harvesting hay among a forgotten stack of unknown photographs this week. It is mounted on an piece of 8″ x 10″ thick brown paper stock. The back is […]

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