Wordless Wednesday – Summer Fun!

Fun in the Pool! […]

Wordless Wednesday – A Long Cold Walk

A long cold walk to milk the cows!(Talbott farm on Old Cluster Springs Road)

Wordless Wednesday – Cute Baby

This is one of my unknown photographs that I believe the cousins can help me identify. I think I know who the child is, but I am not quite sure. I also do not want to say quite yet, so I do not bias anyone with the answer. The writing on the back of […]

Wordless Wednesday My Grandmother’s Scrapbook

Front page of Cecile White Howard’s scrapbook. Notice the spelling of her first name. In 1932 she had not added the “e” to the end of her name.

Wordless Wednesday – Stella White

Stella (Holyfield) White of Dobson, Surry, North Carolina

Wordless Wednesday – Comer Cousins

Tommie Sprinkle, Mary Comer, Webster ComerCecil White

Wordless Wednesday (with an explanation!) This is a photograph from the teenage scrapbook of Cecile White Howard. She’s the tall girl in the back. Mary and Webster Comer would have been her cousins, but I’m not so sure about Tommie Sprinkle. I haven’t found any other Sprinkles […]

Wordless Wednesday – Stella and James Abe White

Stella (Holyfield) and James Abe Whiteof Surry County, NC1963 – 50th Wedding AnniversaryMy Great Grandparents

Unidentified Photograph – Can You Help?

It has been a while since I have posted a photograph of unidentified individuals. The above photograph was among the belongings of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. I am not sure if these young men are ancestors of mine or just friends of Esther’s. (She had a lot of friends and a lot […]

Wordless Wednesday – Ride ’em, Cowgirl!

Apparently I watched a lot of B westerns as a child!

Wordless Wednesday – One Grandfather, One Doll, One Bandaid

Here is what happens when you fall asleep with young children (i.e. me) in the house. Do so at your own risk.

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