Cajabeth White

Cajabeth White


For quite some time now I and another researcher (Hi, Jack!) have been researching our White family ancestors. As you can imagine, researching men with the surname of White in NC and VA is a bit daunting. Needless to say, Cajabeth White has proven to be the “brick wall” in the White family […]

Searching For Ancestors in Boydton, VA

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

I do love researching my ancestors in county courthouses. This week I got to spend time in the Mecklenburg County, VA courthouse in Boydton, VA.

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

A beautiful drive up through rural NC and VA led me to the historic town of Boydton, VA. Inside the records room is very modern. […]

Did John Seagroves Lie?

Did John Seagroves lie on his Revolutionary War pension application?Maybe.Maybe not.

John Seagroves (Seagraves) of Surry County (and Granville County, NC before that) was closely associated with John White of Surry County. (John White was my GGGG grandfather.) A fellow genealogist (Hi, Jack!) and I have found ourselves researching John Seagroves to hopefully learn more […]

Research Updates

I thought I would update my cousins and fellow researchers where I am in my research. I have been a little quiet in posting my research mostly because I am involved in “community” research. In some cases I have “lost” my ancestor’s trail and am currently researching all those associated with my ancestor. It is […]

Graduation Season

In the midst of the graduation season, I thought it might be fun to share this… 1935 High School Diploma for Cecil Clara WhiteofDobson, NC ….my grandmother’s high school diploma! School certificates and records can provide a lot of family history information. See my post Back To School to learn how I have used school […]

Tombstone Tuesday – Old White Family Cemetery

*I was granted permission by the photographer and the webmaster of to post these photographs on my blog.

These are photographs of an Old White Cemetery in Surry County, NC. The cemetery is located off Brindle Road near Dobson, NC. It is on private property and considered abandoned According to, most of the […]

I Updated My Website

This post is especially for my White family cousins. I have added my(our) White family tree on my website Lisa’s Genealogy. This is a very basic family tree, but I am trying to share our tree without overwhelming anyone. Not too many generations back, this White family history gets confusing. Theories abound about the origin […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Okay, I’m not Irish…. at least not much that I know about.

I do have one Irish branch on my family tree. Her name is Joanna Barrett and she likely immigrated to America sometime in the 1840’s. I have written previously about Joanna and her daughter Joanna (the younger) and the genealogical challenges they present […]

Research Update

I thought I would update you the reader on my recent research. I like keeping my cousins updated and blogging about my research helps to keep me focused.

The White Family Line: I have been working with another White family researcher (descendant of Albert White of Surry County, NC) to attempt to trace our White […]

Wordless Wednesday My Grandmother’s Scrapbook

Front page of Cecile White Howard’s scrapbook. Notice the spelling of her first name. In 1932 she had not added the “e” to the end of her name.

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