Wordless Wednesday Esther Talbott and Friend

This is a photo of my great-grandmother Esther Lee [Richardson] Talbott (on the right). I am not sure who the woman on the left is. Based on other photos of she appears in, her first name may be Nannie. These women are both from the Halifax, Va area. As usual, I just could not […]

Weekly Postcard Niagara Falls

This is a fun postcard from Niagara Falls. More specifically, this is the American Falls. I chose this postcard to share as I will participate in the 8th Edition of A Festival of Postcards over here.This edition’s theme is geography and Niagara Falls seemed to fit.

This postcard is addressed to my great-grandmother Esther Lee […]

Weekly Postcard Easter

Easter is next week and I thought I would share an Easter postcard from among my collection. This lovely postcard was sent to my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson when she was living in News Ferry, VA. The card is postmarked 3 Apr 1915 in Ringgold, VA.

It’s transcription reads:

Esther, Why haven’t […]

Weekly Postcard Mrs. D T Richardson

This is a fun birthday card addressed to my great-great grandmother Harriet Elliott Richardson (Mrs. D. T. Richardson) in the c/o Mr. C. R. Elliott of News Ferry, VA. Harriett apparently was visiting her brother C. R. Elliott during Apr of 1913. The card is dated 2 Apr 1913 which is not Harriett’s birthday. Her […]

Weekly Postcard – A Birthday Card

As I am sure has become obvious over time, I have quite a large collection of postcards that belonged to my ancestors. Luckily, they never threw any away. (I’ve begun to see an legacy of pack rats!) In order to share the postcards as well as preserve them, I decided to post (no pun intended) […]

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