Men in Hats

Ukn Two Men in Hat

These photographs came to me in a box originally marked “Richardson”. Unfortunately, none of the photographs are labeled. I do strongly suspect the men are from my Richardson family of Pittsylvania County, VA. There is a certain family “look” I have come to recognize in Richardson family photos. However, there is the distinct possibility they […]

Recognize This House?

This photograph of a house was found among numerous Talbott family related photographs. I do not know who lived in the house or what its significance is in our family history.

I am hoping one of you might recognize it. I suspect the house is located in Pittsylvania County or Halifax County, VA. It […]

Ancestors or Friends?

This is another unidentified photograph from my collection. This photograph was among my great grandmother Esther Lee (Richardson) Talbott’s things and likely was taken in the early 1900’s in the Pittsylvania County or Halifax County, Va area. (Don’t you just love the women’s dresses!) The woman on the left has been identified in other […]

Wordless Wednesday – Cute Baby

This is one of my unknown photographs that I believe the cousins can help me identify. I think I know who the child is, but I am not quite sure. I also do not want to say quite yet, so I do not bias anyone with the answer. The writing on the back of […]

Could These Be Photographs of Your Ancestors?

Like many genealogists and family historian, I have photographs of people I cannot identified. When I first came into possession of them, I just assumed the photographs were of my ancestors. People in the family.

I may have made a wrong assumption.

Many of my unidentified photographs were among my great grandmother Eshter L Richardson’s […]

Wordless Wednesday

Another unidentified individual from Halifax/Pittsylvania County, VA. He is probably a Richardson or Elliott relation.

Who Is She…..More Clues

I still don’t know who she is, but I know more than I did when I first posted. ( What I’ve learned since the last post:

*I was able to find the photographer WGR Frayser (both Jr and Sr) in the Danville, VA directories. This photography studio was only in Danville, VA from 1888-1891. […]

Who Is She?

For Christmas I received Maureen Taylor’s Uncovering your Ancestry Through Family Photographs. I’ve been reading and studying it in hopes of learning the techniques I need to identify my own “unknown” photographs.

The woman above is one of those unknowns in my collection. When I first looked at her photograph, I had no clue […]

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