Treasure Chest Thursday Toddler’s Jumper

This little toddler’s outfit was worn by Garnet Talbott, son of Bossy and Esther Lee Talbott. The outfit is not in the best of conditions, but my great-grandmother’s sewing skills are still clearly evident. Below you can see the detail of the stitching and the button holes.

Garnet R Talbott was the fourth […]

Treasure Chest Thursday – Mint Recipe

When my grandmother Cecile White Howard (1917-1983) retired she took a candy making class. Being a child with a sweet tooth, I was a willing taster and student. This is the recipe that she received in her class. After she passed away I continued to make mints with using her recipe and molds. I just […]

Treasure Chest Thursday Esther’s Dress

This is a dress (actually a skirt and top) that belonged to my great-grandmother Esther Lee (Richardson) Talbott. It is pictured in the condition I received it. In truth, I’m not quite sure how to preserve it without doing harm to it. Mostly it appears to need a good washing and ironing. I estimate […]

Treasure Chest Thursday

This cute little cat is a door stop that belonged to my great grandmother Winnie Haley Carr. Today it holds a hall door open in my home and makes me smile when I pass. I don’t know a lot about antique door stops, but this one is very heavy! […]

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