Wordless Wednesday – Ride ’em, Cowgirl!

Apparently I watched a lot of B westerns as a child!

Wordless Wednesday – Another Bathing Beauty

Ooops! It would appear I got my days mixed up! It’s Tuesday not Wednesday. We’ll just pretend it’s Wednesday.

Elma Talbott Solomon

It is just too hot outside not to share another photo of an ancestor in a bathing suit. Meet my great aunt Elma. I think she looks very stylish.


Ruth’s Story

Ruth’s story is short. She died at the age of five years. It was winter. It was cold. And it was yet another loss for the young family of Boss Talbott. Ruth Virginia Talbott was the second child born to Boss Henry Talbott and his wife Esther. The couple welcomed their first daughter into the […]

Boss and Esther Talbott

After their marriage in November 1915, Boss and Esther made their home in Jeffress, Mecklenburg, Virginia. Prior to their marriage, Boss lived and worked there on the family farm. Letters addressed to Boss and Esther after their marriage indicate they lived in Jeffress during the early years of their marriage. Their first child Arthur Crafton […]

The Courtship of Esther, Part 6

Boss (Bossy) Henry Talbott  Boss Henry “Bossy” Talbott

Today you will meet Esther’s final suitor and my great grandfather, Boss Henry Talbott. (Bossy to his family and friends.) I find his story the hardest to write, perhaps because I know it the best. His letters and postcards seem to show a man who […]

Family Friday: The Locket

This is Esther Lee Richardson Talbott’s locket. The monogram is faint, but has her initials ELR engraved on the front. I expect the locket was a gift from her parents, though I cannot know for sure. Based on the faded monogram and the condition of the clasp, Esther treasured her locket and wore it […]

Amanuensis Monday Letter to Esther

I really like this blogging theme. As I look for letters to transcribe, my ancestors’ own words tell their stories. Many of the letters and postcards that I share came to me all at once. While I read many of them during the early days of my research, I am now better able to put […]

Her First Airplane

On my recent visit with my paternal grandmother, she told me the story of seeing her first airplane. Her grandfather Haley (William H Haley) grew tobacco as so many Virginian farmers did. Grandmom and her cousins would earn money by de-worming the tobacco in the fields. I have never worked in a tobacco field, but […]

One Last Look at the Cluster Springs Yearbook

I confess as I was looking through the Cluster Springs High School yearbook of 1951, I was mostly looking at the people and names. Then I came across the ads in the back of the book. I realized what a treasure trove of information these pages held all by themselves. The ads gave me […]

The Highest Scoring Team

1951 Boys’ Basketball Team

The highest scoring Cluster Springs team in the history of the school swept to an easy victory over all the foes in both regular season and tournament play. The team compiled a 18-1 record against county foes and made one of the strongest bids against Meadows of Dan who went […]

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