Anita Carr Talbott

Anita Carr Talbott

Anita Geneva Carr Talbott

10 Mar 1917- 5 Oct 2013

When Family History Falls Into Your Lap

Elma Talbott - ~1923

Sometimes family history just falls into your lap.


Elma Talbott – ~1923

I have been working little by little to scan all my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott’s letters and correspondence. I’m making good progress with this project.

As I was preparing to scan a June 1923 letter from Bossy Talbott to his […]

Dear Santy Clause,

Dec 1920 Willie Richardson

As I have been transcribing my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott’s letters and postcards, I came across this great little letter from 1920 stuck in the stack. Visit Dearest Esther to read Esther’s correspondence.

The letter is written by Willie Richardson (b. 1909), Esther’s younger brother. Willie would have been 11 years old. Willie is […]

Creeping Down the Stairs…..


Source: The Graphics Fairy

I shared some of the my Grandmother’s Christmas memories recently, so I thought today I would share one of my own.

I don’t actually remember how old I was when this occurred, but I think I was early elementary school age.

Christmas Eve was (and still […]

Oral History Is So Much Fun!

Me (Lisa), Grandmom, and Aunt Nancy

Oral history is so much fun to collect. Stories about people and clues to your ancestors can be gleaned that are cannot be found in the “official” records.

In search of more family stories led me on another visit to my paternal grandmother. While she may not want […]

Who Did Bossy Court?

Last June I ran a series of posts on the many suitors of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson titled the Courtship of Esther. Now it is time to give attention to the female interests of Bossy Talbott, the man who eventually won Esther’s hand in marriage.

Boss Henry “Bossy” TalbottBirth Name: Johnnie Hodias Talbott […]

Wordless Wednesday – A Long Cold Walk

A long cold walk to milk the cows!(Talbott farm on Old Cluster Springs Road)

If I Didn’t Know Better….

Like many genealogists, I have been searching the 1940 census records for my family. My first “find” was my paternal grandfather’s family. The Talbotts were exactly where I knew I would find them – Cluster Springs, VA. That’s outside of South Boston, VA in Halifax County.

My first thought was this record will greatly confuse […]

Happy Birthday, Granddaddy!

Arthur Crafton Talbott 27 Nov 1916 – 27 Feb 1993 Arthur “Crafton” Talbott Age 3 years Crafton Talbott as a Young Man

Crafton Talbott and his “million dollar smile”. […]

Back To School

Today many students in our North Carolina head back to school. That got me to thinking about using school records to tell our ancestors’ stories. While not a record source I use regularly, school records can provide important information on our ancestors and those around them.

Yearbooks: I first wrote the Cluster Springs High School […]

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