Dear Santy Clause,

Dec 1920 Willie Richardson

As I have been transcribing my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott’s letters and postcards, I came across this great little letter from 1920 stuck in the stack. Visit Dearest Esther to read Esther’s correspondence.

The letter is written by Willie Richardson (b. 1909), Esther’s younger brother. Willie would have been 11 years old. Willie is […]

She Was A SouthPaw

Eshter Lee Richardson, Hattie and Nannie Lee Farson

Southpaw – a left handed person. (source)

I was sorting photographs recently and came across this photograph of Esther Richardson Talbott (left) and her friend Nannie Lee Farson Milam (right). Esther’s mother Hattie is in the center. I have seen this photograph before. I’ve even posted it on the blog before.

This time when I […]

Men in Hats

Ukn Two Men in Hat

These photographs came to me in a box originally marked “Richardson”. Unfortunately, none of the photographs are labeled. I do strongly suspect the men are from my Richardson family of Pittsylvania County, VA. There is a certain family “look” I have come to recognize in Richardson family photos. However, there is the distinct possibility they […]

Dearest Esther

From Ryntha

Dearest Esther is the new companion blog to Are You My Cousin? Dearest Esther is dedicated to transcribing, scanning and preserving Esther Richardson Talbott’s postcards and letters. (And there are a lot of them!)

A second blog?

Yes… and here’s why.

I have a large collection of postcards and letters belonging to my great […]

Practicing Penmanship

Penmanship Practice

In my collection of family history papers and letters, envelopes like the one below is not unusual.


Postmarked 31 Jul 1913 and subsequently 1 Aug 1913, the envelope is addressed to Mrs. Daniel T [Hattie] Richardson from F W Townes.

Turning the envelope over I found this on the back:

One of […]

Weight Worries

Ruth Ricketts Letter

I have been reading back through the Richardson family letters I have in my collection. Every time I read these letters, I learn something new. I make a new connection about the relationship between people. I learn what they did for fun. I learn about teenage fashions in the 1910’s.

Mostly I learn that my […]

Your Ancestor Might Be In My Closet

A researcher recently contacted me after reading about a Farson ancestor on my blog. Nannie Lee Farson was the best friend of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson Talbott.

Apparently I have his ancestor in my closet!

I was able to forward him a photo of Esther and Nannie Lee together taken in the late […]

Friends Are Important

I love this letter dated 31 Oct 1913 and written by Nannie Lee Farson to my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. The young women were best friends and corresponded regularly. I learned from the traditional records that Esther’s father Daniel T Richardson died in Nov 1912. Shortly after his death, Esther’s mother […]

Searching For One Thing Turned Up Another

When I first started researching genealogy, I was the fortunate recipient of boxes of family history material. The bulk of the items were from my Talbott and Richardson family lines and in these boxes I found photographs, postcards, deeds, WWII ration cards, dried flowers, etc. These boxes held the genealogical version of a jackpot. I’m […]


Do you ever get specific impressions of what your ancestors were like as people? What their personalities were like? Were they generally happy people? Were they honorable? Were sorrow and pain a constant companion?

I get a lot of my impressions about my ancestors from the photographs they left behind. I think we all do. […]

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