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1912 Postcard

1912 Postcard

Over at my companion blog Dearest Esther, I post the postcards and letters of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. I am attempting to post her correspondence in chronological order. These letters and postcards give a wonderful snapshot of teenage life in the 1910’s.

I have now posted Esther’s correspondence from 1909-1912. […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a 1911 postcard sent from Edna Elliott to her first cousin Esther Richardson on Feb 11, 1911.

Valentine’s Day Family Trivia – DH and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day 1990.


Happy Halloween!

lil witch

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Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th Of July!!!!!

Travel Tuesday – The Great Smoky Mountains

Swinging Bridge, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Summer is here. The 100+ degree temperatures leave no doubt about the season of year. Besides warmer temperatures, summer also ushers in the season of vacations. Just where did my ancestors and family members vacation? Turns out they went a lot of places and collected a lot […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Postcard of Kentuck, VA

Here is another postcard from the collection of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. Kentuck, VA is located in Pittsylvania County, VA northeast of Danville. Kentuck is also just north of Ringgold, VA. Kentuck is a small community even today. I find it interesting that it had its own postcard back in 1913.


Postcard form San Antonio, Texas

“A Driveway in Brackenridge Park. San Antonio, Tex.” This postcard is another from my great-grandmother’s collection. It is postmarked 8 May 1911 in San Antonio, TX and addressed to her while she was living in Ringgold, VA. It reads: Hello, Received card this a.m. are getting on fine. Give all my love. I am […]

Buffalo Lithia Springs, VA

Buffalo Lithia Springs, VA today is known as Buffalo Springs or Buffalo Junction and located in Mecklenburg County, VA just east of the Halifax County line. This postcard depicts one of the natural springs in the area. The postcard is addressed to Miss Esther Lee Richardson, living in Kentuck,Pittsylvania County, VA . The […]

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