Postcard Bonanza Today!

Welcome to the Postcard Bonanza! I’m so glad you could stop by. Grab a cup of coffee and a danish (Sorry, you have to provide your own. This is a virtual party after all!) and let’s get started. I’m sharing a postcard my great grandmother Mattie Maddox Howard sent to her mother Martha Jane (Lett) […]

Postcard Bonanza Tomorrow

It is almost here! Tomorrow is the day.

How does the Postcard Bonanza work? Post your vintage postcard on your blog. In your post you might want to share a little bit about the postcard. (Hint: Your post doesn’t have to be written on the Aug 31st. You can link back to a […]

It Is Just A Week Away!

The Postcard Bonanza is just a week away! I hope you will join us as we share vintage postcards of our ancestors. Read about how to join the fun here.

Postmarked 1923, South Boston, VA


Join Me For a Postcard Bonanza

I have come to realize that I have a plethora ( I do love that word!) of vintage postcards. I did not intentionally start collecting postcards, it just sort of happened. As family members shared our family history in the form of letters and postcards with me, the collection just sort of grew…and grew. […]

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