The Angel Oak Tree

Photographer: Vicki Wright

My genealogy buddy Vicki Wright of South Carolina shared this photograph of the Angel Oak Tree. This 300+ year old tree is located on St John’s Island outside of Charleston, SC. Imagine the history this tree witnessed. This is definitely on my “must see” list next time I go to Charleston.


If You Thought Genealogy Was Boring…(Part 3)

….then you:

Haven’t discovered that your father went to school with the genealogy research assistant at the courthouse where you are researching. Haven’t stood on your GG grandparents’ farmland on a beautiful day. Haven’t wondered who was crazier… your ancestors for what they did or YOU for trying to figure out why! Haven’t gotten excited […]

I Had To Read The Directions

My old iron needed to be replaced recently. It just was not heating up well anymore. So, DH came home with this…..

My New Iron

….a super fancy iron and I love it. I do admit that the first time I went to use it the family laughed. I had to pull out the directions […]

Pickles, Books and John White

Last week was an exciting week around here. It all started with…..

Pickles. DH found out he won the “pickle guessing” contest at the NC state fair earlier this month. You know the contest – the one where you guess how many baby pickles are in the enormous jar. We are all anxiously awaiting the […]

A Forgotten Source?

I had the experience of talking with a woman at a local nursing home recently. She was hard of hearing and difficult to understand at times. What she said did not always make sense in the conversation. Until….. She started talking about her grandmother. Her face lit up. Her eyes became brighter. And the […]

Apparently Someone Has Been Listening!

When I began pursuing my genealogy, I quickly learned that the spellings of names was very inconsistent to say the least. I began keeping a log of the spelling variations I would find for each surname. I would share some of the more unusual spellings with anyone within earshot.

It would appear someone has been […]

Tombstone Tuesday – Gravestones and Their Stories

On my recent trip to Charleston, SC I spent a lot of time wandering the historic cemeteries. I was drawn by the stories these cemeteries told just by the gravestones that were there. The artwork and symbolism can tell so much about the person (and the family) buried there.

As I wondered the cemeteries, […]

Genealogy and Physical Therapy

As I meet genealogists through my blog or at an event, I am always fascinated by the various backgrounds we bring to genealogy research. I’ve met genealogists with backgrounds in business, teaching, law and more.

By training I am a physical therapist. Specifically, I am an acute (hospital) PT.

Genealogy and physical therapy – an […]

Meme Take 2 – Tech Savvy Genealogist

Another meme has been making the genealogy rounds. This one involve genealogy and technology. I first saw this one over at Long Lost

The list should be annotated in the following manner:Things you have already done or found: bold face typeThings you would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)Things you haven’t […]

Musings on a Wednesday

I have recently returned to running. During our very hot summer here in the south, running was definitely not something I looked forward to. (Okay, I had a lot of other excuses as well!) Anyway….I’m back to running. Running/walking to be more exact.

What does this have to do with genealogy?

I find when […]

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