I’m Published!

Two years ago I attended a Cousins’ Weekend where I presented the Howard (Harward) and the Maddox genealogies. When I had the opportunity to attend Cousins’ Weekend again this year, I wanted to share more of our family history.

About who? And how?

The “who” question was obvious – Mattie Maddox Howard. Mattie is […]

Worship At Moore Union

I had an opportunity this weekend to worship at Moore Union Christian Church in Lee County, NC.

Moore Union is the church where my maternal grandfather Lester Howard attended as a child. Multiple generations of Howards, Letts, and Womacks have worshipped here over the years. Many in the small cemetery beside the church […]


Do you ever get specific impressions of what your ancestors were like as people? What their personalities were like? Were they generally happy people? Were they honorable? Were sorrow and pain a constant companion?

I get a lot of my impressions about my ancestors from the photographs they left behind. I think we all do. […]

Treasure Chest Thursday

Moore Union Church, Sanford, NC

Today’s treasure is a bit of a departure from the usual Treasure Chest Thursday. Moore Union Church is located in Lee County, NC outside of Sanford. The cemetery at this beautiful little church holds many generations of my family. Family lines include Maddox, Lett, and Howard. The […]

In Honor of Our Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day 2009. It is a day to honor those who fought (and still fight) for our country’s freedom. As I reviewed my tree I was struck by how many veterans are tucked into its branches. I’ve listed some below. I’m sure this is by no means a complete list and I mean […]

Tombstone Tuesday – Leola Maddox

Leola Maddox 25 Apr 1894 2 Jun 1900 This little tombstone is that of Leola Maddox, daughter of Wesley Calvin and Martha Maddox and niece of my great-grandmother Mattie Maddox Howard. It is located at Moore Union Christian Church in Lee County, NC. It is hard to read the words in the photo. The […]

A Little of This and a Little of That

I’ve been having trouble deciding what to post about recently. Genealogically speaking it has been an exciting week. Of course, as we all know, one answer leads to three more questions! So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately….

*I placed an interlibrary loan order for birth and marriage microfilm records of my GG-grandfather William […]

Fishing – Where a Family Legacy Began

Martha Jane Lett Maddox

b. 16 Jan 1851

d. 15 Feb 1935

Anyone who knew my grandfather James Lester Howard knew of his love of fishing. A fishing trip to local ponds (usually located in someone’s cow pasture) was always highly coveted event. All the grandchildren (and great grandchildren) […]

Tombstone Tuesday: Samantha Buchanon Maddox

Samantha Buchanon Maddox 1820-1892

Samantha Maddox was my great x 3 grandmother. She was the mother of James T Maddox, grandmother of Mattie Maddox, and great-grandmother of James Lester Howard. The above photo was taken at Moore Union Christian Church outside of Sanford, NC.

I have a particular fondness for Samantha, though for exactly what […]

Tombstone Tuesday – Viola Maddox

In loving memory of VIOLA R. daughter of J. T. and M. J. Maddox Born Feb 28, 1889 Died Jun 2 1890

Viola R. Maddox was the youngest sister of my great-grandmother Mattie V. Maddox (1881-1927). She is buried in the church cemetery of Moore Union Christian Church in Lee, County, NC. So few […]

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