Wordless Wednesday My Grandmother’s Scrapbook

Front page of Cecile White Howard’s scrapbook. Notice the spelling of her first name. In 1932 she had not added the “e” to the end of her name.

“Rule Breakers” In The Family?

Violet and Cecile White

I found this photograph of my grandmother Cecile White Howard (1917-1983) and her sister Violet White Hicks (1920-2005). The sign in the middle says “DANGER KEEP OFF“. I don’t know the story behind the picture, but it would appear we have a couple of daring rule breakers in the family! […]

Happy Birthday, Big Granddaddy!

Connie M. Howard 21 Nov 1891-10 Jan 1995 103 Years Old

Granddaddy and the CCC Part 3

Granddaddy (Lester Howard) was discharged from the Civilian Conservation Corps in June 1937. I love how the Certificate of Discharge gives a description of his. Brown Hair. Brown eyes. Ruddy Complexion. (Just what is a ruddy complexion?!) Five feet, 6 1/2 inches.

The service record for my grandfather tells me much I already knew […]

Granddaddy and the CCC Part 3

CCC Buddies My grandfather made a number of very good friends while serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. This photograph of Lester with his CCC buddies was taken in High Point, NC. (After serving at the camp in Old Fort, NC, Granddaddy was transferred to a camp in High Point, NC.) […]

Granddaddy and the CCC Part 2

Lester Howard recovering from pneumonia Not long after arriving at the CCC camp in Old Fort, NC, Granddaddy became ill. Quite ill, actually. Here are his words: …I did not get out of bed. When I did not report the C.O. and the company Dr., a Captain Kerr, came to check. After examining me […]

CCC Camp and my Grandfather

My grandfather James Lester Howard (Lester) was a good cook. It was not unusual to wake up and find him in the kitchen making a full breakfast. I was particularly fond of his cooked apples. He told us he learned to cook when he served in the CCC camps as a young man.

It was […]

A Good Deed

These two photographs bring back some fun memories. Not so much of the horse (maybe pony?), but the story behind how my grandfather Lester Howard came to own her.

First, let me introduce you to my grandfather:

He was the true Southern Gentleman. The caretaker in the family. He never met a stranger. So, it […]

Advice From The Expert

I was fortunate to spend the day at the North Carolina Genealogical Society’s fall workshop today. Barbara Vines Little spent the day speaking on colonial research. I have heard Barbara speak on other occasions and was eagerly looking forward to hearing her speak again. Her specialty is colonial research in Virginia.

Colonial Virginia. 1760’s. King […]

I’m Published!

Two years ago I attended a Cousins’ Weekend where I presented the Howard (Harward) and the Maddox genealogies. When I had the opportunity to attend Cousins’ Weekend again this year, I wanted to share more of our family history.

About who? And how?

The “who” question was obvious – Mattie Maddox Howard. Mattie is […]

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