I Twitter-ized My Ancestor!

I love sharing stories about my ancestors. I don’t know many genealogists or family historians who do not.

The problem?

Most people do not want to hear an hour long summary of my ancestor. Or a 10 minute summary. Or a 5 minute summary…(think teenagers.)

It seems most family members want a […]

Where Third Cousins Meet

I thought about titling this post:

This Is Why I Blog

I met Laura and Ruth recently in August.

Third Cousins Laura and Lisa

Earlier in August Laura contacted me because she had found her great grandfather Britton Howard mentioned here on my blog. Britton Howard was the brother of Connie Howard, my great […]

A Southern Gentleman’s Birthday


James Lester Howard

Today would have been the 98th birthday of James Lester Howard – my grandfather. The son of Mattie Maddox and Connie Howard the story of his life is rich and long. I have previously written about Granddaddy here, here and here.

But beyond the facts […]

Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is defined as “travelling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past”. Source: Wikipedia

I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit the places many of my ancestors lived and worked. I was surprised by the number of locations I could actually find. […]

Paper Clips, Bobby Pins and Christmas Ornaments

Bobby Pin Ornament

Perhaps I should entitle this post: How to Hang a Christmas Ornament Without a Hook.

A little background first….My maternal grandmother was Cecile White Howard (1917-1983). She passed away when I was 18. Fast forward to 1989 when I had my own apartment and my very first “grown-up” Christmas tree. My grandfather (Lester Howard) had […]

The Fishing Bobber On My Desk

Fishing Bobber

Is it unusual to keep a fishing bobber on one’s office desk?

Well, I suppose it is, but it actually has something to do my family history.

You see, my grandfather Lester Howard loved to fish. He also loved to teach his grandchildren and great grandchildren how to fish. We learned to fish using […]

Research Updates

I thought I would update my cousins and fellow researchers where I am in my research. I have been a little quiet in posting my research mostly because I am involved in “community” research. In some cases I have “lost” my ancestor’s trail and am currently researching all those associated with my ancestor. It is […]

A Prom Dress, Sewing Machines and Family History

I found myself last week needing to alter a prom dress. I do know how to sew, but it is not something I do very often. When I do sew, I tend to stick to simple projects with straight seams. I actually feel more comfortable with hand sewing, but this project required taking in the […]

The Old NC Education Building

NC Education Building Being Built

My great grandfather Connie M. Howard (1891-1995) worked in construction. He would often need to leave his family to travel to where he could find work. One area he found work in was Raleigh, NC. Above is a photograph of the (old) NC Education Building being built. It is […]

Research Update

I thought I would update you the reader on my recent research. I like keeping my cousins updated and blogging about my research helps to keep me focused.

The White Family Line: I have been working with another White family researcher (descendant of Albert White of Surry County, NC) to attempt to trace our White […]

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