George Howard – An Update

I recently posted on my great x 4 grandfather George Howard (Harward) of Wake and Moore Counties, NC. (See that post here.) Since that time, I have been back to the NC Archives to gather more information on George and his family.

On this trip I focused on the tax records of Moore County, NC […]

Getting To Know George

George Howard (Harward)


When researching genealogy, one ancestor in particular will sometimes catch your attention and you just must find out all you can about that person. You must tell his or her story. That happened to me with George Howard (Harward), my great x 4 grandfather.

What is it about […]

A Howard (Or is it Harward?) Update

I had recently taken a little time off from researching my Howard/Harward line. It was not an intentional break, but rather one born of simply not knowing where to look next. Fortunately the break was not for long. As usual, those Howard/Harward ancestors again are trying to point the way.

Over the 4th of July […]

The Harwards Keep Beckoning

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you will know that one of the main family lines that I research is my Howard (Harward) line. Many variations of the name exist, and it was not until the early 1900’s that my direct line consistently used the spelling Howard. Harward and Harwood […]

In Honor of Our Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day 2009. It is a day to honor those who fought (and still fight) for our country’s freedom. As I reviewed my tree I was struck by how many veterans are tucked into its branches. I’ve listed some below. I’m sure this is by no means a complete list and I mean […]

The Spelling of Names

When I became interested in my family’s genealogy, I learned quickly to be open minded with the spelling of the surnames I was searching. Some surnames were easy to identify even in their many variations. Others were less so, but I have had a lot fun keeping count of the different spellings. I’ve shared these […]

Too Many Williams

Too many William Harwards were living in Wake and Chatham Counties of NC in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Sorting them all out has been a recent research interest of mine. Little did I know that I was delving into an area of genealogy known as cluster genealogy. The concept of doing cluster genealogy […]

William Harward — Our Earliest Ancestor

Today I introduce you to William Harward, the earliest known ancestor in Howard/Harward/Harwood line. I must clarify that no evidence has been found that definitively proves William is our direct ancestor. Like many researchers who have studied this line, I long for that one piece of evidence that states “I, William, am the father of […]

Ann Elizabeth (Betsy) Howard

Ann Elizabeth Howard was the 6th child of Caswell and Mary Adline Harward/Howard. Betsy (Aunt Betts as she was known on our side of the family) was born 26 Jan 1867 and first showed up in the 1870 federal census as Ann E, a 3 year old female. Her father died the following year. […]

George Harward

George Harward was born in Wake County, NC on 15 Oct 1791 to James Harward and Rosannah Barbee. He married Elizabeth Sugg of Wake County on 17 Jan 1817 according their marriage bond on file at the NC Archives. George first shows up as head of household in the 1810 federal census for Chatham County. […]

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