Archibald Haley – Potential Father

I continue in my quest to find the father of Jesse Haley. Archibald Haley (Hailey) of Halifax County, VA presents as a possible candidate.

Who was Archibald Haley (~1770/1776 – 1802)? (So glad you asked!)

Archibald Haley was married to Mary Ann Medley for 6 years beginning on 24 Jun 1794. (I have found an […]

Clarkton Bridge

This is a photograph of the Clarkton Bridge that crosses the Staunton River Bridge. The bridge was built in 1902 and connected Halifax County, VA with Charlotte County, VA. On the back of this photo is the name Percy Haley. Percy (1890-1959) was the son of Will and Clara Haley. I’m not sure if […]

Clarkton Schoolhouse

I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about her early childhood in Clarkton, VA. Her grandfather William Haley and her great grandfather Branch W. Holt both served as overseers on the Clarkton Plantation in the northern part of Halifax County. Clarkton still stands today. You can read more about it here.

I found […]

Where Was Jesse From 1827-1835?

The answer to this question may prove to be important in my search for Jesse Haley’s parents.

Jesse Haley’s life is pretty well established. He resided in Halifax County, Va from 1835 to his death there in 1869. He payed personal property taxes there from 1824-1826. He married there in 1826. Then he disappeared […]

Halifax County, VA Research Trip

I’m back from my Haley research trip to the Halifax County, VA courthouse. My goal was to determine the parentage of Jesse Haley (1803-1869) or determine possible parental candidates. As part of this goal, I was trying to determine the relationship (if any) of Sterling S Haley, Polly Haley, and William Haley to Jesse Haley. […]

Courthouse Research

I did something this past week that I have not done in my genealogical research yet. I did on site courthouse research at the Halifax County, VA courthouse. Oh, my! This was one of the most valuable experiences in my research and personal genealogical education as of date. I entered this historic structure (dating […]

The Highest Scoring Team

1951 Boys’ Basketball Team

The highest scoring Cluster Springs team in the history of the school swept to an easy victory over all the foes in both regular season and tournament play. The team compiled a 18-1 record against county foes and made one of the strongest bids against Meadows of Dan who went […]

The Reflector 1951


The students of Cluster Springs High School are proud of the achievements of their basketball teams, the “Bluebirds”. The Seniors are taking you now into the nest of the “Bluebirds”, Cluster Springs High School. They hope this edition of the REFLECTOR will hold many pleasant and happy memories of the year […]

1951 Cluster Springs Yearbook

One source I have not used much is a relative’s yearbook. Last spring I came into possession of this yearbook from Cluster Springs High School in Cluster Springs, VA. (Cluster Springs is located in the southern part of Halifax County, VA where my Talbott ancestors lived.) I was actually able to drive by the school’s […]

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