How Much Was Jesse’s Property Worth?

Jesse Haley died in the summer of 1869. His estate included 79 3/4 acres of land in Halifax County, VA that was sold at auction in 1870 to the highest bidder. His son Stephen C. “Cas” Haley was the highest bidder paying $3.20 per acre or a total of $255.52.

Dick Eastman recently shared a […]

Why I Am Researching William Cardwell

I am very fortunate to have been able to attend three NGS conferences in the past few years. These have been great opportunities to improve my research skills. As I have listened to the experts lecture, one theme that repeatedly comes to mind. When you hit a brick wall, research your ancestor’s associates. ALL the […]

Cousins To The Rescue!

Anita Talbott, Betty Compton, Kathleen Owen, Nancy Talbott, Edna Adams, Daisy Nichols, Dorothy Haley,Eunice Owen, Winnie Carr, Mattie Mason and Carrie Owen My Haley cousins have come to the rescue to help identify all the women in this photograph taken at a Haley family reunion. The date is estimated to be about 1946. This […]

Clarkton Bridge

This is a photograph of the Clarkton Bridge that crosses the Staunton River Bridge. The bridge was built in 1902 and connected Halifax County, VA with Charlotte County, VA. On the back of this photo is the name Percy Haley. Percy (1890-1959) was the son of Will and Clara Haley. I’m not sure if […]

Clarkton Schoolhouse

I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about her early childhood in Clarkton, VA. Her grandfather William Haley and her great grandfather Branch W. Holt both served as overseers on the Clarkton Plantation in the northern part of Halifax County. Clarkton still stands today. You can read more about it here.

I found […]

Where Jesse Is Not…..

In my continued quest to learn more about my Haley family line, I have been focusing on my GGGG grandfather Jesse Haley’s (1803-1869) “missing years”. That would be the years between 1827-1835. I am hoping to find a clue that will lead me to the identity of his parents. I originally posted about Jesse’s missing […]

This Is Not George and Daisy

Remember this photograph from the last post? It was labeled as George and Daisy (Haley) Nichols.

Well, my Haley cousins came to the rescue. (Thanks, Mary and Garland!)

This couple is NOT George Nichols and his wife Daisy (Haley).

Just who are they? I’m not sure.

I do believe they are Haley family […]

“New” Photographs of Haleys

I realized something today. I have a LOT of photographs. I also sometimes forget what I have.

I found these Haley family photographs this morning while looking for a different set of photographs entirely.Haley cousins, I need your help in filling in the blanks. These photographs were labeled. Are these individuals correctly identified? I would […]

In The Footsteps of My Great Great Grandparents

Here I am standing on the Charlotte County, VA property that my GG grandfather William Haley and his youngest son Clyde bought in the 1920’s. Grandpa Will’s house no longer stands, but Clyde’s house is still there. It was a beautiful day to be in rural Va walking where my ancestors lived. […]

Where Was Jesse From 1827-1835?

The answer to this question may prove to be important in my search for Jesse Haley’s parents.

Jesse Haley’s life is pretty well established. He resided in Halifax County, Va from 1835 to his death there in 1869. He payed personal property taxes there from 1824-1826. He married there in 1826. Then he disappeared […]

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