Winnie Had No Use For The Time Change!

Clock 1

I’ve spent the last few days adjusting to the change back to standard time from Daylight Savings Time. The shift hasn’t been too difficult this year.

There was a time when making the adjustment from Daylight Savings Time back to the standard time was very difficult. Any parent of small children knows the havoc […]

Percy Haley Identified

Back in April 2012, I posted a photograph taken on the Clarkton Bridge near Clarkton, VA. At the time I did not know who the young man on the right of the photograph was.

Clarkton Bridge 1910

I showed this photograph to a few cousins at the Haley family reunion I attended in Keysville, […]

Archibald Haley – Potential Father

I continue in my quest to find the father of Jesse Haley. Archibald Haley (Hailey) of Halifax County, VA presents as a possible candidate.

Who was Archibald Haley (~1770/1776 – 1802)? (So glad you asked!)

Archibald Haley was married to Mary Ann Medley for 6 years beginning on 24 Jun 1794. (I have found an […]

Who Jesse Haley’s Father Was Not

Souce: The Graphics Fairy

I continue to pursue the parents of Jesse Haley. Thus far, they have eluded me. (Some days I think he was just found under a cabbage leaf!) But time away from research on Jesse usually clears the fog – at least a little bit.

In the past I made of […]

Clara Celebrates By the Numbers

I received this newspaper clipping in the mail recently. (Thanks, Martha and Nancy!) The clipping dates back to 1952 and most likely appeared in The Charlotte Gazette published in Drake’s Branch, VA. My GG grandmother Clara Holt Haley observed her 85th birthday in 1952. (Clara was living outside Charlotte Courthouse, Charlotte County, Va.)

I’ve […]

Mystery Photograph Identified


He arrived in my inbox this week from a Haley cousin. (Thanks, Joyce!)

But who is he?

His photograph had hung in my Haley cousin’s home, but no one knew exactly who he was.

A Haley or an Elder? Will Haley or the father of John Bernard Elder? These men seemed the most likely […]

They Arrived By Christmas Card

Like most of you I received a flurry of Christmas cards during this Christmas season. These days most come with photographs of growing children and/or Christmas letters. It’s always fun to see how much our friends’ children change each year.

This year there was a first for me.

I received photographs of some Haley ancestors […]

Christmas Memories


One of the great things about pursuing my family history has been interviewing the older generations on both sides of my family. I am fortunate to have interviewed my grandmother on several occasions. (I look forward to more interviews in the future.)

From an interview a couple of years ago, I recently […]

Oral History Is So Much Fun!

Me (Lisa), Grandmom, and Aunt Nancy

Oral history is so much fun to collect. Stories about people and clues to your ancestors can be gleaned that are cannot be found in the “official” records.

In search of more family stories led me on another visit to my paternal grandmother. While she may not want […]

Research Updates

I thought I would update my cousins and fellow researchers where I am in my research. I have been a little quiet in posting my research mostly because I am involved in “community” research. In some cases I have “lost” my ancestor’s trail and am currently researching all those associated with my ancestor. It is […]

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