Family History Shared

Family History Shared

I’m doing a little re-focusing here at Are You My Cousin?.

Up to this point, AYMC has primarily been about telling MY ancestors’ stories.

l will continue to do that, but….

I want to help you share your ancestors’ stories.

Why? You might ask.

I’ve grown as a genealogist.

I’ve grown as a family […]

The Labor of My Ancestors

I originally posted this on Labor Day 2010. I thought it would be fun to re-visit my ancestors’ occupations today.

With Labor Day upon us, I began thinking about the type of work my ancestors did. I thought it might be fun to make a list of the occupations they did. So I started with […]

How Would You Spell……?

I mentioned in yesterday’s post the difficulty I sometimes have in transcribing my ancestors’ correspondence. Much of the writing I transcribe is from the early 1900’s, and many of my ancestors were had just the basic education. Deciphering the men’s handwriting and spellings has been particularly difficult at times. Just as I have gotten to […]

Tuesday’s Tip – My Best Transcription Tip

Old letters and postcards in my ancestor’s handwriting are enough to keep this genealogist happy for a long time!

1912 Postcard from Howard Roberts To Esther Richardson

I am progressing well toward my goal of transcribing my great grandmother’s correspondence. There is a lot of it and I admit to feeling a little cross […]

Answers to “My Ancestor Did That?!”

Here are the answers to the last post My Ancestors Did That?!

How many did you get right?

Great grandfathers:

One was good with numbers. – Silas Baker Carr

One couldn’t hold a job. – Silas Baker Carr

One was a horse trader. – James Abe White

One never left the farm. – Bossy Talbott


My Ancestor Did That? !

I spend a lot of time gathering the factual information on my ancestors. Birth dates, death dates, marriage dates, lists of children, etc all make a this genealogist a happy camper.

But as we all know, our ancestors were people, too. Turns out pretty interesting people at that.

Below is a list of some of […]

12 Questions I Would Ask My Ancestors

12 Questions

December 12, 2012

I almost missed the 12/12/12 significance until I came across this great post at Leaves for Trees. Heather wrote about 12 ancestors she would like to meet, 12 questions she would like to ask and 12 things she would like to tell. What a fun concept for today.

Leaves For Trees […]

Research with My Smartphone

Back in early summer, I upgraded my cell phone to an android smartphone. Reading through genealogy blogs I had been intrigued by the use of smartphones in the research process. Now that I had a smartphone, just how was I going to use it. Would it really help me in my research process?

I spent […]

Searching For Ancestors in Boydton, VA

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

I do love researching my ancestors in county courthouses. This week I got to spend time in the Mecklenburg County, VA courthouse in Boydton, VA.

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

A beautiful drive up through rural NC and VA led me to the historic town of Boydton, VA. Inside the records room is very modern. […]

Bumper Crop of Fun!

NC Products

North Carolina was and continues to be an agricultural state. This is certainly in evidence at the NC Sate Fair 2012. The NC State Fair was originally started to showcase the States’s agriculture and as a way for farmers to gather to showcase their crops/livestock and see the latest in farming equipment.

I […]

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