A Charming Bride

Richardson-Talbott Wedding Announcement With her marriage to Boss Talbott on 21 Nov 1915, Esther’s courtship came to a happy end. The marriage announcement above was printed in the Halifax Gazette. She and Boss married in the the parlor of the The Manse of South Boston. It is possible the Manse referred to in the […]

Could This Be Will?

Could This Be William Elliott?

The Courtship of Esther series showed that my great grandmother was popular with the young men. The large number of postcards and letters exchanged proved that fact. So, the large number of unidentified photos that were also hers? Could these be photos of her suitors? Perhaps the photographs are […]

The Courtship of Esther, Part 6

Boss (Bossy) Henry Talbott  Boss Henry “Bossy” Talbott

Today you will meet Esther’s final suitor and my great grandfather, Boss Henry Talbott. (Bossy to his family and friends.) I find his story the hardest to write, perhaps because I know it the best. His letters and postcards seem to show a man who […]

The Courtship of Esther, Part 5

William F. Elliott

William F. Elliott was perhaps Esther’s suitor who endured the longest. The earliest postcard from William, known as Will, is dated 1912 and he continued to correspond with her until late1914. Will’s story is a little different from the other suitors’ stories. Most of his correspondence came while he was stationed around […]

The Courtship of Esther, Part 4

Going to the mailbox must have been an adventure for Esther. Did she look forward to it? Anticipate whose letter she might receive? Did she go with some trepidation? Anxious over whose card she might (or might not) receive? Did she worry that her younger siblings would read her postcards? Postcards put thoughts and messages […]

The Courtship of Esther, Part 3

Howard Roberts

Howard Roberts proved to be one of Esther’s most ardent admirers. He wrote her frequently, sending her postcards and letters. He felt slighted when she didn’t write back. He lost sleep when she asked him not to write anymore. It would appear he lost out on Esther’s affections to Boss Talbott…but I am […]

The Courtship of Esther, Part 2

In 1913 Ira Satterfield took a fancy to 17 year old Esther Richardson. He wrote a number of postcards to Esther and one of the interesting things that came to light is that he signed the cards in code. By comparing the handwriting on his signed card with the cards signed in his signature […]

The Courtship of Esther

Esther L Richardson

My great grandmother had her choice of suitors. Would it be Howard, Luther, or Willie? Would it be William, or Roddie or Ira? Would it be the mysterious NWC or the ever popular “Guess Who”. The answer is “none of the above.” Though declaring their intentions and sometimes love in letters […]

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