Grandpa Carr

Winnie and Baker Carr with Baby Lawrence Silas Baker Carr was my great-grandfather. He was born 17 Oct 1878 to Robert T Carr and Elizabeth Canada of Halifax County, VA. He died when I was three years old 24 Jun 1968 in South Boston, VA. As I have studied individuals in my family history […]

My Great Grandparents

Winifred Davis Haley and Silas Baker Carr

Baker Carr


Winnie Haley Carr



Wordless Wednesday — A Page From Aunt Elton’s Scrapbook

Nancy Carol This is a page from Elton Carr Dixon Finley’s scrapbook that she began in about 1927. This is one of several magazine pictures of Nancy Carol she cut and pasted into her book. A little Internet research revealed that Nancy Carol starred in silent movies in the 1920’s. […]

The Phoebe Anne Community House

Phoebe Anne Community House Halifax, Halifax Co, VA The family of Silas Baker and Winnie (Haley) Carr lived in the Phoebe Anne Community House near outside of Halifax, VA. The house was owned by the Episcopal Church located down the road. The family was very active in the Episcopal Church and helped to run […]

Treasure Chest Thursday Elton Davis Carr Finley

Elton Davis Carr was the second child and oldest daughter of Silas Baker Carr and Winnie Davis Haley. She was born 27 Nov 1912 in Clarkton, Halifax County, VA. I was fortunate enough to have known my Aunt Elton. She always wore a smile just like in the above picture.

Aunt Elton was […]

Treasure Chest Thursday

This cute little cat is a door stop that belonged to my great grandmother Winnie Haley Carr. Today it holds a hall door open in my home and makes me smile when I pass. I don’t know a lot about antique door stops, but this one is very heavy! […]

Treasure Chest Thursday Winnie’s Glasses

These are the glasses of Winnie Haley Carr, my great grandmother. I was rather intrigued by these glasses when I found them among her things. These appear to be reading glasses.

Having worn glasses myself since I was a child, I couldn’t help wondering what type of optometry services were around back then (i.e. the […]

Treasure Chest Thursday Button Hooks

These button hooks belonged to my great-grandmother Winnie Haley Carr (1891-1970) of Halifax County, VA. I believe these hooks were used for her shoes. Thank goodness for slip-ons!

Confederate Money

Confederate $20 bill (Front)

Confederate $20bill (Back)

One of the wonderful things about researching my family history is that I have become the keeper for many of the family heirlooms. The above confederate money was in a box of my great grandmother Winifred (Winnie) Haley Carr’s things. Initially when going through the […]

Wordless Wednesday

Ernest Henry Carr (on the far right) Son of Winnie (Haley) and Silas Baker Carr 1920-1991 […]

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