Winnie Had No Use For The Time Change!

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I’ve spent the last few days adjusting to the change back to standard time from Daylight Savings Time. The shift hasn’t been too difficult this year.

There was a time when making the adjustment from Daylight Savings Time back to the standard time was very difficult. Any parent of small children knows the havoc […]

Anita Carr Talbott

Anita Carr Talbott

Anita Geneva Carr Talbott

10 Mar 1917- 5 Oct 2013

Ernest In New York

I have mentioned before that several of my ancestors were scrapbookers. Recently I find myself going back through their scrapbooks at a leisurely pace. I am amazed at the details I missed the first time. Below is an example.

Among the most prolific was my Uncle Ernest. Ernest Henry Carr (1920-1991) was the son […]

I Had To Read The Directions

My old iron needed to be replaced recently. It just was not heating up well anymore. So, DH came home with this…..

My New Iron

….a super fancy iron and I love it. I do admit that the first time I went to use it the family laughed. I had to pull out the directions […]

It’s Always Nice…..

…..when I open up my e-mail and discover a cousin has sent me pieces of the family history.

Look what I found in my inbox last week.

While I already know most of the information in mu great grandmother’s obituary, I have never actually seen her obituary. I notice that Winnie Carr is listed […]

Talented Tuesday – Music In The Carr Family

Winnie Haley Carr1891-1970 I think these photographs tell the story of how important music was in the Carr (and Haley) family. When the extended family gathered there was always music and dancing. Above is Winnie Carr, my great grandmother. Not only did she play the guitar, she also played the banjo. Her banjo is […]

Scrapbooking is Not a “New” Hobby

Scrapbooking became a very popular hobby a number of years ago. I admit to making my share of scrapbooks when my children were little. Craft stores began to dedicate whole sections to this new hobby. I collected the craft store coupons to purchase papers, stickers and other embellishments used in the design of my pages. […]

A Rare Photo

This is one of the few photographs of Elton Carr with her first husband Beverly Dixon. In her journal, Elton wrote the the date she met Beverly (August 1930) and his address on Leigh St in South Boston, VA. Beverly was born about 1914 to Nathaniel Dixon of Halifax County, VA. I have yet […]

The Iron

As I have pursued my family history over the past few years, I have gotten to know my ancestors through the records they left behind. As for all genealogists, the wills, deeds, court records, etc became part of the intricate puzzle that was the lives of my ancestors. One of the benefits of exploring my […]

You Did Not Cuss Around My Grandma Carr

My great-grandmother Winnie Haley Carr was a devote Episcopalian. According to my grandmother, one did not cuss or say anything that might resemble a cuss word around her. So, her husband Baker Carr was often heard to say “Ding-it-all-to-grass!” in place of “darn” (or something else!).

This brought all kinds of laughter and giggles around […]

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