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Let me share a little about myself. I am a ……





       Coffee Drinker.

       Reader of all things.


I started researching genealogy as a “little” summer project with my kids. That was over seven years ago.  I have learned some amazing things about my family.  I have made many genealogy enthused friends along the way.  Meeting distant cousins has been a highlight of my research efforts.  Researching the past has taught me the technology of the present.

Researching my family history has taught me the importance of sharing that history with today’s generations.


I blog here at Are You My Cousin? to share the stories of my ancestors and my search for them.  I also share tips to bring your family history alive for those non-genealogists in your family. I hope by sharing my story, I can help another family historian along the way.


In my shop Esther’s Place at Etsy.com you will find unique custom items I create using an individual’s family photographs: Coasters, Necklaces, Key Chains, Wine Glass Charms and more. In addition to a fun creative outlet,  I discovered my creations are great conversation starters. People are curious about a photo presented in a unique way.

Browse the Esther’s Place and let me know if I can create something for you.