Did You Miss the Move to www.LisaLisson.com?


Back in April 2014, I took a chance.  I brought my blog Are You My Cousin?, my genealogy research business Lisson Genealogy Services and my etsy shop Esther’s Place and brought them all together at LisaLisson.com.

Why the move?

Genealogy is my passion.  I research for fun. I research for others. I even create custom photo jewelry and gifts to help share family history.  Bringing all three aspects of my genealogy life together in one website/blog just made sense. Each aspect is a part of who I am as a genealogist.


If you haven’t already, click over to www.LisaLisson.com and check out my new home on the web.

***While there, sign up for my free e-book 5 Ways to Research Genealogy in a Burned County. It’s my housewarming gift to you!***

Oh, and don’t forget to update your bookmarks!

See you there!

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