Winnie Had No Use For The Time Change!

Clock 1

I’ve spent the last few days adjusting to the change back to standard time from Daylight Savings Time.   The shift hasn’t been too difficult this year.

There was a time when making the adjustment from Daylight Savings Time back to the standard time was very difficult.  Any parent of small children knows the havoc the changing time has on the family schedule.  When my children were small it could several weeks to get everyone adjusted to the new schedule.  Their little internal clocks showed no regard for the time change.

Winnie Haley Carr  (my great grandmother) most definitely did NOT like Daylight Savings Time.  Her clocks always stayed on standard time regardless of the time of year.  Her grandchildren report she simply had no use for the changing time.

Hmmm…how did she get to events on time?  Did she constantly make the mental adjustment of time during Daylight Savings months? It seems that would be mentally tiring after a while.

How about your family? 

Did anyone just disregard the time change each fall and spring?


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photo by: C.K.H.

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