Family History Shared

I’m doing a little re-focusing here at Are You My Cousin?.

Family History Shared

Up to this point, AYMC has primarily been about telling MY ancestors’ stories.

l will continue to do that, but….

I want to help you share your ancestors’ stories.

Why? You might ask.

I’ve grown as a genealogist.

I’ve grown as a family historian.

I’ve made new connections within my own family.

I’ve  recognized not just the importance of researching family history, but sharing that family history.

I want to share my family history.  I want you to share your family history. And….I think we can do it in a way that does not make the current generations’ eyes glaze over!

Here is a sampling of new things  you will find here at Are You My Cousin?:

  • Ideas on where to discover your family’s oral history
  • Tips to conduct a successful oral history interview
  • Tips on how to involve your children in discovering their family history
  • Ideas on how to display/share your family history (This is a favorite of mine!)
  • My adventures – and misadventures! – in researching my family history

Together, let’s get our ancestors out of the computer databases and tell their stories!

Are you up for the challenge?

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