Where Third Cousins Meet

I thought about titling this post:

This Is Why I Blog

I met Laura and Ruth recently in August.

Third Cousins Laura and Lisa

Third Cousins Laura and Lisa

Earlier in August Laura contacted me because she had found her great grandfather Britton Howard mentioned here on my blog.  Britton Howard was the brother of Connie Howard, my great grandfather. That makes us third cousins. (Thank goodness for those family relationship charts online!) Her grandmother Ruth is Britton Howard’s daughter.

The three of us had a lovely time sipping coffee at Starbucks and sharing family history stories.  As brothers, Connie and Britton were quite different.  Connie worked in construction and Britton went into ministry as a minister. Cousins, did you know Britton’s nickname was Teague?  Our side of the family referred to him as Uncle Brit. Did you know that he was struck by lightening as a young man?

What did Ruth remember about my grandfather Lester HowardHe was special.  (I think so, too!)

Ruth and Lisa 2

Lisa and Ruth (Britton Howard’s Daughter)

Here is a photograph of the two brothers.

Connie and Britton Howard

Connie and Britton Howard

 Family, stories and new friendships. 

Isn’t this what family history is about?



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