When Family History Falls Into Your Lap

Sometimes family history just falls into your lap.


Elma Talbott - ~1923

Elma Talbott – ~1923

I have been working little by little to scan all my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott’s letters and correspondence.  I’m making good progress with this project.

As I was preparing to scan a June 1923  letter from Bossy Talbott to his mother-in-law Hattie Richardson this photograph fell into my lap.

Who was this little girl?  She looked so much like my grandfather Crafton Talbott, but was much too young to have been him in 1923.

A phone call with my Dad a few days later and the mystery was on its way to being solved.

We are fairly confident the little girl is Elma Lee Talbott (1920-1999). She would have been between 2 and 3 years of age when this photograph was taken.  Elma was the third child and youngest daughter of  Boss Henry Talbott and Esther Lee Richardson of Halifax County, VA.  This is by far the youngest photograph I have seen of her.

I wanted to get a better look at the two men in the photograph.  I cropped them out and enlarged the photograph.

Joe Merritt Talbott

Unidentified Man and Joe Merritt Talbott

The man leaning against the tree is my GG grandfather Joe Merritt Talbott (1861-1950).

The third man sitting on the wagon?  I have no clue.

Talbott Cousins – Does anyone recognize this man?

This photograph was taken on the front porch of what the family referred to as the log cabin and was the home of Boss Talbott and his wife Esther.  Joe Merritt Talbott owned a house and land next door on present day Old Cluster Springs Rd in Halifax County, VA.  That house was always referred to as “the big house”.

Funny how we still refer to those houses as the” log cabin” and the “big house” even though neither have been in the family for years.


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