Percy Haley Identified

Back in April 2012, I posted a photograph taken on the Clarkton Bridge near Clarkton, VA. At the time I did not know who the young man on the right of the photograph was.

Clarkton Bridge  1910

Clarkton Bridge 1910

I showed this photograph to a few cousins at the Haley family reunion I attended in Keysville, VA this past August.

One of my “new” cousins quickly said, “That’s my Daddy.”

Percy Haley 1910

Percy Haley 1910

And just like that, the young man on the right of the photograph  was identified as Percy Haley, son of William and Clara Haley. Another cousin dated the photograph as being taken in 1910.  The wagons are from the Clarkton plantation where Will Haley was the overseer. (Thanks, Emmit and Stanley!)

I was thrilled to have the young man identified, but perhaps more excited to see Percy son’s eyes light up when he saw a long forgotten photograph of his father. I spend much of my time researching family history and genealogy , but it is these moments and connections with family members that mean the most.

Connections to family.

Connections to a shared history.

Connections to the present.

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