Utiley Jane Harward

Utiley J Harward

Utiley J Harward

The above is an from the Harward Family Bible.  Until this week, I never knew the real identity of this individual.  I was not able to decipher the first name. I was not even sure if this person was a male or a female. The general consensus of my Harward (Howard) family line thought this might be a daughter named Utilda.

Now I know her real name.

Utiley J Haward.

Daughter of George and Elizabeth (Sugg) Harward of Moore County, NC.

Sister to my GGG grandfather Caswell Suggs Harward.

Learning Utiley’s identity opened up  a whole new branch on this family tree.

Utiley Jane Harward (b. 10 Nov 1825) married James Bridges in 1852 in Chatham County, NC where they made their home. Utiley and James had six children: Malinda, James Paschal, Robert Davis, John Yates, Sandy Wilson, and Amos Caswell.  Utiley died 7 Aug 1888.  She is buried in the Gum Springs Baptist Church cemetery in Chatham County, NC.

I discovered Utiley’s identity quite by accident. The same researcher who provided the delightful oral history on George Harward is a descendant of Utiley and James Bridges. He is graciously sharing his knowledge of this side of the family.





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