While the Children are Away…..

Danville, VA Post Office

Danville, VA Post Office

…Mom takes a road trip (or two!).

I love getting away from my computer to research genealogy! While I love researching with my computer, it’s nice to get away and talk to real people.

Last week I headed up to Danville, VA.  In the Danville public library the Virginia-North Carolina Piedmont  Genealogical Society has its research room.  Their resources include books and records pertaining to the southern Virginia and neighboring NC counties.  I wasn’t after “official” records on this trip, I was after something a little different.

I was particularly interested in the society’s vertical files and family histories.  Vertical files can contain just about anything:

  • Earlier researchers notes
  • Family Bibles
  • bits of oral history
  • Histories of small communities and/or churches

You see, I am at the point in my research on both the Haley and Elliott lines where I have hit brick walls.  (Surely one of these will crumble soon – I hope.)  I was hoping to find clues in the vertical files to generate my next research plan for one or both of these family lines.

Was I successful?

Yes and no.

No new information came to light on my Haley family. (Sigh…)

I found a lot of information on the Elliott family of Halifax County, VA.  The Virginia Elliotts are a popular family with researchers. Not as much information was found on the NC Elliotts even though the families are geographically not that far apart.  In all likelihood , they are related on some level. The Halifax County background information was particularly helpful when I later placed it alongside the “official” Elliott records. Unfortunately,I did not find anything on my King Elliott line. (Another sigh….)

While from a research viewpoint, the trip was only mildly successful, getting to know another repository and its available resources was a valuable experience.

Note:  If you want to use the resource room of the Virginia-North Carolina Piedmont Genealogical Society, be sure and check their available resources and hours here.


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