She Left Him Hanging…

…and waiting for an answer.

Boss Talbott - 1914

Boss Talbott – 1914

This spring I set a goal for myself.  I planned to finish transcribing Esther Richardson Talbott’s correspondence.  It is a daunting task to be sure.  There is a lot of it.

But wow!  The things I have learned!  The impressions of people I’ve formed.  This is not information found in the official records genealogists usually research. (After reading Esther’s letters, who needs reality TV?!)

It was June of 1914 and Boss Talbott was nervous.  Boss was in love.  In a letter dated May 18, 1914 he had declared his love for Esther Richardson of News Ferry, Va.  Three weeks later in this excerpt Boss’s June 10th letter, more is revealed:

Well Esther

you just cant amagun [imagine]

how I feal about what

I asked you and you

said you could not

tell me. Well it feals

to me like my heart

is broken now

    Well if you never

due concent and tell

me all ways rember

this I all ways wanted you

to make a change

in life and you never

would with me.

(Hint: When reading Boss’s letter, think phonetics.  Boss spelled many words phonetically, but not necessarily correctly.)

It would appear that Boss asked Esther a “big” question.  Did he ask her to be his girl? Did he propose? In an effort to keep himself in her mind, Boss included the above photograph of himself.

Boss’s letter does not provide us with his question – only Esther’s answer.  Well, lack of answer.

Esther left Boss with a broken heart and waiting  for an answer.

As I work my way through transcribing Boss’s letters,  it has become clear that Boss would wait many months for the answer to his question.

The good news? The story of Esther Richardson and Boss Talbott does have a happy ending.  They were married in November of 1915.


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