King Elliott

Excerpt from Elliott Family Bible

***I am re-posting this post with updates from further research.****

King Elliott of Mecklenburg County, VA was my GGGG grandfather.  [ My grandfather Crafton Talbott>Esther Lee Richardson>Harriett Elliott>Elias Elliott>King Elliott]

King. Isn’t that a great name?

Little is known about the life of King Elliott including the identification of his parents.  The general consensus of researchers online places his birth around 1800.  This information is largely unsourced.  Piecing together the information from the census records of 1820 and 1830 as well as the Elliott family Bible, King’s birth date is more likely to be between 1790-1796.

The 1862 Halifax County, VA court records involving the estate of King’s son Ransom Elliott (d. 1862) help to sort of the relationship between King’s children.

King Elliott had two wives.  According to the court records Mary Elliott and Eliza Pulliam “were the half sisters of Ransome Elliotte being the children of his father by a former marriage and not the children of his mother Elizabeth Elliott”. King’s first wife is not known.  There is thought this first marriage also produced a son James Elliott (b. 1810-1818).  However, beyond his name little is known about this James Elliott.  The same court documents  state that James Elliott in 1862 had been “apart from this state for many years – more than 7 years”.

King’s second wife was Elizabeth LNU.  Their marriage was likely prior to the  1819 birth of their first child Ransom.  Other children born to this couple were Harriet Elliott (Lucy A H Elliott) b. ~1823, Dorothy Elliott b. ~1827 and Elias Elliott b. Nov 1831.

King Elliott appears to have lived in Mecklenburg County, VA all of his adult life. The transcribed Bible record above states he died in Oct 1831 just one month prior to the birth of his son Elias. That is incorrect. (Don’t believe everything you read!)  While attempting to track King and associated Elliotts through the records year by year (literally), I discovered King Elliott paying personal property taxes in Mecklenburg County, VA through 1838.  In 1839 his widow Elizabeth began paying the tax. That leads to the conclusion that King did not die in 1831, but in 1838 (or possibly early 1839).

The King Elliott family was not a wealthy family.   No record of land ownership or slave ownership has been found. King never paid personal property taxes on more than one white male and one horse at a time.  This Elliott family lived among other Elliotts during the 1820’s and 1830’s in Mecklenburg County, VA.  Augustine Elliott was a frequently listed neighbor and most researchers believe he was King’s brother. In the 1820’s Greenville Elliott was found in Mecklenburg County, VA as well. He, too, was likely a brother to Augustine and King, however, this has not been confirmed at this time. (Greenville “Green” Elliott migrated to Tennessee.)

Researching King Elliott and determining his parentage is proving to be a daunting task.  Theory abounds.  Proof does not.   I anticipate  more court house research trips (my favorite kind of research).  Many descendants lived and still live in or close to the Halifax County line and close to  the NC/VA line. I expect I will continue to need to cross county and state lines in my search for the Elliotts.  Fortunately, I’m not alone in the task.  My Elliott cousin Cynthia is working on King as well. (Hi, Cynthia.) I’m looking forward to the task.


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4 comments to King Elliott

  • Jim Elliott

    Augustine Elliott was my ggggrandfather. I have
    Been searching for years on the Elliott family.
    I am stuck in my research. Are you still doing

    • LisaL

      Jim, so nice to “meet” another cousin. I am definitely still researching the Elliotts though in recent months I have been focusing on a few of my other lines. This Elliott line is tough to untangle. They were definitely involved with the Overby family family of Mecklenburg Co. There is also a possibility they are related to the Elliotts across the border in NC. There were definitely a lot of Elliotts on both sides of the state line.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I am researching my husband’s Elliott family line. He descends from King Elliott too! (His 3rd ggfather). I am writing though to see of you have uncovered anything about Ransom Pendleton Elliott, King’s brother? He died June 1862 and I am curious if he died in service to the Confederacy? Do yo know where he is buried? Would love any info you have!

    Love your blog! Thanks!

    Robin McNeny

    • LisaL

      Robin, I have Ransome P Elliott as King’s son (not his brother). I believed he did die in the war, but I have not really researched him extensively (yet!). I do know that Ransom did not marry, but did own land in Halifax Co., VA. His siblings contested the distribution of his estate creating chancery records for 10 years! (Those are at the Halifax Co, VA court house.) I do not know where Ransom is buried.

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