How Would You Spell……?

I mentioned in yesterday’s post the difficulty I sometimes have in transcribing my ancestors’ correspondence.  Much of the writing I transcribe is from the early 1900’s, and many of my ancestors were had just the basic education.  Deciphering the men’s handwriting and spellings has been particularly difficult at times. Just as I have gotten to know my ancestors and their friends through their writing, I have also gotten to know their handwriting.  That is the point where transcription moves from frustrating to fun!

I thought I would share some of the more unusual spellings I have come across so far in my project.

bin = been

youal = you all

heare = here or hear

amagun = imagine

feal = feel

thank = think

ant = ain’t

chirch = church

As you  can see, the words make perfect sense when pronounced phonetically. I hope this gives you a new way of looking at your ancestor’s handwriting!


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