My Ancestor Did That?! The Ladies’ Turn

I had a lot of fun with the recent post My Ancestor Did That?!! .  It was a fun way to think about my ancestors’ lives.

Now it’s time for the Ladies’ Turn at My Ancestor Did That?!!  The list is shorter this time around.  Information about the women in the family tree is harder to come by.  Women just did not generate as many records.  Still, there was information “out there” to be found on the females in my tree.

If you are a cousin, put your thinking caps own.  Did you know who did what?

(Answers in the April 1st post.)

Great Grandmothers

  • One was quite the letter writer. (That’s an easy one!)
  • One always seemed to have a dog.
  • One played the guitar and banjo.
  • Two (at least) were a marvelous seamstresses.
  • One ran a small grocery/general store.
  • Two died young leaving behind small children.
  • One relegated her new electric stove to the back porch in favor of her wood stove.

Great Great Grandmothers

  •  One was bedridden in her later years.
  • One was widowed as a mother with 6 children – the youngest a year old.
  • One loved chewing gum – and shared it with her grandchildren.
  • One received a Civil War pension as a widow.
  • One was illegitimate.

Great Great Great Grandmothers

  • One was born in Ireland.
  • One never married.
  • One died within a couple of weeks of her son.
  • One was an invalid after the birth of her youngest child.
  • One was very active in the women’s activities of her church.

So, who is in your family tree?!

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