Common Themes in Letters and Postcards

1912 Postcard

1912 Postcard

Over at my companion blog Dearest Esther, I post the postcards and letters of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson.  I am attempting to post her correspondence in chronological order.  These letters and postcards give a wonderful snapshot of teenage life in the 1910’s.

I have now posted Esther’s correspondence from 1909-1912.  I have noticed certain common themes run through much of the correspondence.

  • Weather – Many letters/postcards ask about the weather.
  • “How are you? I am fine.”  or a variation of this.
  • “Write soon”
  • Saw ______(fill in the name) recently
  • Health – asking after the health of others

The postcards have a small writing area, and I’m surprised how much space the writer uses for the mundane comments on the weather and “How are you?” comments.  But then again, maybe the purpose of the letter is not to impart knowledge, but simply to connect. Connect to a friend or family member. To let the recipient know they are remembered.  The letters are obviously longer, but continue along the same themes.

My favorite are the letters between Esther and her friend Nannie Lee Farson.  Nannie Lee writes wonderful detailed letters about what is going on in her life and the lives of the mutual friends. She has an easy to read handwriting as well!

Nov 24 1911 C Barnett237

What did Your ancestors write about?



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