Cecile’s Scrapbook – Tenth Installment

Welcome to the tenth installment of  Cecile’s Scrapbook – the 1930′s scrapbook of my grandmother Cecile White Howard of Surry County, NC.  Missed the earlier posts in this series?  Catch up here: first installment, second installment, third installment, fourth installment, fifth installment, sixth installment, seventh installment, eighth installment, and ninth installment.

The page below features newspaper clippings from what I assume was the local paper for Dobson and/or Surry County, NC.  The wedding announcement  is that of Cecile’s cousin Thomas Holyfield.  Many great Surry County names are found in the sports articles.

C W Scrapbook p20

The commencement exercises for Dobson School of 1935.


C W Scrapbook p21

Individual graduate cards include the following names: Pauline Martin, Mr and Mrs W Lewellyn Reece [perhaps teachers?],Mr and Mrs Sparger [?teachers], Effie Venable, Eva Collins, Jim Dan Hemmings. I love the squashed cup on the bottom of the page from Ford Snow at the senior picnic.

C W Scrapbook p22Enjoy!

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