Cecile’s Scrapbook – Eleventh Installment

Welcome to the ninth installment of  Cecile’s Scrapbook – the 1930′s scrapbook of my grandmother Cecile White Howard of Surry County, NC.  Missed the earlier posts in this series?  Catch up here: first installment, second installment, third installment, fourth installment, fifth installment, sixth installment, seventh installment, eighth installment, ninth installment and tenth installment.

This is the last page in my grandmother Cecile’s scrapbook.  I am not sure of the significance of the label on baby’s health in the top left corner.   Mrs. H. C. Fowler (written underneath) was likely an aunt or cousin. The chewing gum wrapper below was from Williard Brown – perhaps a beau?

C W Scrapbook p23

The letter to Miss Cecile White c/o Kings Beauty School in Greensboro is from Mrs. Hampton a “devoted friend”. [White Family Cousins – Does anyone know who Mrs. Hampton was?] The first page of this four page letter is below:

C W Scrapbook p23 Letter p1

While this is the last page in Cecile’s scrapbook, a number of postcards, letters and articles were found loose in the pages.  Like the scrapbook itself, they too share insight into what was important to my grandmother as a teenager and young woman. I will be sharing these over the next couple of weeks.


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