Cecile’s Scrapbook – Eighth Installment

Welcome to the eighth installment of  Cecile’s Scrapbook – the 1930′s scrapbook of my grandmother Cecile White Howard of Surry County, NC.  Missed the earlier posts in this series?  Catch up here: first installment, second installment, third installment, fourth installment, fifth installment, sixth installment and seventh installment.

Th next pages in Cecile’s scrapbook have a variety of items included.   On the page below is a letter dated 18 Dec 1934 to Cecile and and her sister Violet.  On the bottom left is a handkerchief form “Eva”.  I do not know who Eva was a friend or relation. [White Family Cousins – Does anyone recognize the name?] 

The picture of the electric chair?  It seems an unusual photo to be in a teenage girl’s scrapbook.  [Again. Cousins, can anyone help me out on that?]

C W Scrapbook p16

The next page has two envelopes that at one contained letters I’m sure.  The top one  was from Miss Bingham who was the girls basketball coach at the Dobson high school.  Since the postcard is postmarked Dec 24, 1934, this was most likely a Christmas card.  The bottom envelope was addressed to the whole family and postmarked Winston-Salem, NC.  Below that are two tickets to the Dobson High School senior play entitled Dottie S Daffy.  I’ve got to wonder what that was about.

C W Scrapbook p15

Unfortunately the photographs of Ralph Greenwood and Dorsie Jennings have fallen out or perhaps taken out.  Those names do not appear in the family tree, so I expect they were friends.  The wedding announcement of Mary Kilpatrick and Wayne Roach shows that Mary was a friend of Cecile’s.

I love the bottom announcement  about the dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. C W Fowler.  “…a tempting menu was served by Misses Cecil White and Cassie Simpson.”  Growing up I was served many “tempting menus” by my grandmother!  The Fowlers were Cecile’s aunt and uncle with Blanche Fowler being the sister of Cecile’s mother Stella Holyfield White.  Cassie Simpson was a friend.

C W Scrapbook p14

I hope you enjoyed another installment of Cecile’s Scrapbook!

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