Answers to “My Ancestor Did That?!”

Here are the answers to the last post My Ancestors Did That?!

How many did you get right?

Great grandfathers:

One was good with numbers. – Silas Baker Carr

One couldn’t hold a job. – Silas Baker Carr

One was a horse trader. – James Abe White

One never left the farm. – Bossy Talbott

One lost an eye in a bar room fight. – Connie Howard

One worked road construction in the off season of farming. – James Abe White

GG Grandfathers:

One couldn’t read. – Joseph M Talbott

One was a bootlegger. – Daniel Thomas Richardson

One was well off (or his home is preserved). – Robert T. Carr

One worked on a plantation. – William Haley

One ran a saw mill. – Allen Suggs Howard

One died a young man. – James Tarleton Maddox

GGG Grandfathers:

One was a Baptist minister. – Caswell Suggs Howard (Harward)

One had a long white beard. – John B Talbott

Four fought in the Civil War. – John B Talbott, Stephen C Haley, George Richardson, Branch Holt

One applied to be released from the call to fight in the Civil War. – Stephen Haley (He was denied.)

One was a doctor. – James L Shepard

IN Just One Family Line

One brought cannon balls back from the civil war. – John B Talbott

One had two wives – at the same time. – Langley Talbott

One asked George Washington for help with the Indian problem while living in the frontier of VA. – Matthew Talbott

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2 comments to Answers to “My Ancestor Did That?!”

  • Sally

    This was a great set of posts! I don’t know much about your family, but just reading the various categories was very entertaining. Great fun facts for your cousins 🙂

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