Who Jesse Haley’s Father Was Not

I continue to pursue the parents of Jesse Haley.  Thus far, they have eluded me. (Some days I think he was just found under a cabbage leaf!)  But time away from research on Jesse usually clears the fog – at least a little bit.

In the past I made of list of all the potential father candidates for Jesse based on his birth date of 1803. (His birth date has been determined and confirmed already.  If you want more information on this, please contact me.) I have spent time going back through my notes and re-visiting my earlier research.  When no new information is found, a fresh eye on previous research can produce new insights.

Wyatt Haley (Hailey) of Halifax County, VA

Wyatt Haley married Judith Oakes in Halifax County, VA in 1801.  In 1807, Judith Oaks Haley is mentioned is mentioned in her father Isaac Oakes’s will.  As of May 1807, Judith Oakes Haley is deceased and her sons Isaac and Theophilus are named in the will.  No mention of a Jesse is found.   It seems reasonable to assume Wyatt is not Jesse’s father.

Theophilus Haley (Hailey) of Halifax County, VA

Theophilus Haley married Sarah Oakes (sister of Judith Oakes above) in Nov 1803.  Theophilus would be deceased by 1808 and Sarah is re-married to William Echols. No guardianship papers, will or probate records were found for Theophilus. Theophilus seems an unlikely candidate for Jesse’s father.

A possible father candidate is appearing on the horizon.  Stay tuned to read about Archibald Haley.

Note: There is certainly the possibility that Jesse Haley was an illegitimate child.  No bastardy bond has been found for him; however, that does not confirm he was not born out of wedlock.  If this is the case, identification of his father will be that much more difficult.



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