Cecile’s Scrapbook Sixth Installment

Welcome to the sixth installment of  Cecile’s Scrapbook – the 1930’s scrapbook of my grandmother Cecile White Howard of Surry County, NC.  Missed the earlier posts in this series?  Catch up here: first installment, second installment, third installment, fourth installment, fifth installment.

C W Scrapbook p10

The above scrapbook page holds lots of treasures.  Photograph of Eva Vernon and Leonia Coalson.  The small white cards are from her friends Maurice Dobbins, Maggie Benge and Maxie White.  Maxie White is a cousin, I’m sure.  I just am not sure where she fits into the White family line. (One more note added to my to-do list.)

The contents of the envelope at top are below:

C W Scrapbook p10 Envelope Contents

 I’m sure they had a good time!


C W Scrapbook p11

This page is a real treasure. (Much on this page is loose and slipping out.  There is restoration still to be done on the scrapbook.) On the top left is what looks like an old candy wrapper.  There are no identifying marks on it.  The caption below it reads: Received from Calvin Simmons.  The candy wrapper on the right is a chocolate almond mounds bar.  The caption below this wrapper reads: Received from Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill may be William White – the brother of James Abe White.  The little white cards are from Eunice Marion and Melba Slaydon.  Both are cousins on the Holyfield side of the family.

The small square photograph is labeled Iris Slaydon.  The photograph of the younger girl is not labeled.  The bottom right photograph is great!  It is labeled Kelly and me.  That is young Cecile White standing next to a beau perhaps(?).

There you have the latest in the  Cecile’s Scrapbook series.  Enjoy!

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