Cecile’s Scrapbook – Installment Seven

Welcome to the seventh installment of  Cecile’s Scrapbook – the 1930′s scrapbook of my grandmother Cecile White Howard of Surry County, NC.  Missed the earlier posts in this series?  Catch up here: first installment, second installment, third installment, fourth installment, fifth installment, and sixth installment.

The next page in Cecile’s scrapbook holds two postcards. The first postcard is from Nelia to Cecile.  It is postmarked 5 Sep 1934 High Point, NC

C W Scrapbook p13 Postcard 1

I spent Monday

night in [A]dvance

last night here,

don’t know

where I will

be tonight.


The second postcard is postmarked from Hyattsville, MD on Aug 15, 1934.  It is addressed to Misses Nelia Haynes and Cecile White.  I do not know who Nelia has was in relationship to Cecile.  Was she a friend? Was she a cousin?  If so, which side of the family?  I did a quick search on Ancestry.com, but did not find an immediate answer.  I will need to research into Nelia Haynes further.

Cousins – anyone recognize the name Nelia Haynes?

C W Scrapbook p13 Postcard 2

I am ok


Pop may be Cecile’s father  James Abe White or Nelia’s father. I tend to think Pop is James Abe White. If the postcard was from Nelia’s father, would she not have kept the card instead of Cecile?

That’s the latest from Cecile’s scrapbook.  Enjoy!

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